This blog is a journey of my life through past and present experiences which always some how ends up relating back to food.

My first experience working in a kitchen taught me a lot and it’s where I learned to grow a set of balls and stand up for myself. I spent years testing and perfecting recipes while working in a kitchen by myself with no assistance or anyone to rely on. I learned how to truly multi-task and manage my time so my food was always ready when it needed to be. I learned to appreciate how quiet the world is at 4am and that it gets easy over time to regularly function on less than 4 hours of sleep. Lastly, I learned that being a hard worker, being reliable and good at what you do does not necessarily earn you the respect your deserve.

I am the Angry Baker because I have a voice and that voice deserves to be heard. This is me putting myself out there and being tired of being labeled a bitch, cranky, uncooperative or too blunt because I am a strong woman and refuse to accept lazy self-entitled people.

My life is ridiculous, full of food and lot’s of adventures.

Let’s Bake!