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Secrets and Celebrations!

Yesterday was National Margarita Day and I was too busy consuming said Margaritas to actually sit down and share with you all my favorite Margarita recipe. I figure a day late is still better then never for the best darn Margarita you will ever have!


I woke up today feeling really happy, tired, but happy for the first time in a long time. I had an awesome interview for a new job yesterday that I feel very positive and hopeful about. To celebrate I met up with two of my favorite people for Margarita’s and Nacho’s at my favorite Mexican restaurant, something we have not done in a while.

A year ago I spent almost every Monday night saddled up to the bar stuffing my face with Nacho’s and beers while trying to process my breakup. It was not a pretty sight but I have moved on from those pathetic times. Well, mostly moved on.

On my way to work I also rode the T with the cutest Pug named Milton. Dogs with old man names just seem that much cuter then they already are! But seriously, what is it about animals that just make everything better?

So seriously, yesterday was a great day and I have to mention it was great because its rare when a perfect snow storm of great days happens.

As I sit at my desk and mentally waste away from the mind numbingly dumbness of my day to day workflow all I can think about is the rice noodle and spicy pork dish I have waiting for me for dinner tonight.


I kind of threw a bunch of stuff together but will work on putting together a more cohesive recipe since the end product was amazing.

Happy Thirsty Thursday!






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