Bars and Brownies · Dessert · Valentine's Day

5 Days of easy, swoon inducing treats for the baking challenged that are perfect for your Valentine- Day 1

A couple of weeks ago I made Brown Butter Rice Krispy Treats and promptly ate the entire pan within 2 days because they were SOOOOOOOO good.


Now the problem with making Rice Krispy Treats is not how good they are and not how quickly you will eat them, it’s that there is always leftover Rice Krispy Cereal and I have no idea what to do with it. Honestly, I did what any intelligent person would do, I made more Rice Krispy Treats!!!

This time around I started thinking about ways I could jazz them up and add a little something special to them. A lot of ideas flowed through my head… are you getting the idea that you are going to see a lot of funky Rice Krispy Treat ideas from me in the future? You are not wrong…

I started to get inspired by the colors and desserts most popular around Valentine’s Day and immediately it hit me- Cocoa Nib Raspberry Rice Krispy Treats!

I had a half a bag of freeze-dried raspberries leftover from a baking experiment gone wrong and had just purchased a new bag of Cocoa Nibs.


I used the standard Rice Krispy Treats Recipe Found on the box of the cereal and simply added 1/2 Cup Freeze Dried Raspberries and 1/4 Cup Cocoa Nibs to the sticky batter and mixed them in when I added the rice cereal to the hot marshmallow.

For a thicker treat, I buttered a 13×5 baking dish with butter and lined the bottom with wax paper before pouring in the batter. Using a buttered off-set spatula I gently pressed the treats down into the dish to create a nice smooth top.


Holy Moses these are incredible! The classic Rice Krispy Treat is still my favorite but the addition of the crunchy chocolatey cocoa nibs and tart raspberries really help balance out the sweetness of these treats.

Happy Baking!


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