Back to the grind…

What I want to say is that today was first day back to work in the new year after a few days off and I entered work with a new positive, energized perspective. Think jazz hands of happiness happening.That’s what I want to tell you… but if I did, that would all be a lie.

2017 is about me doing the things that bring me joy and happiness right? It’s the year I finally do the things I want to do, right? Well, I can with confidence, tell you this is the year I quit my job. I will save you the drama of me whining about how my company does not treat their employees well, how I have personally not been treated well, etc. We will simply say that after over three years, I am very disenchanted with my employment situation.

Overall, if you have ever had a negative work experience you know how difficult and draining it can be. It is hard to get up and physically go to the office in the morning. It takes a considerable amount of motivation to complete your daily tasks.I like most people, and there are more of you out there then you want to admit, have moments of severe depression. What I realized before Christmas was that my negativity was starting to impact others in my teeny tiny office of three other people, which is not ok.

So I knew today was gonna be a real bummer having to go back to work. I was getting real comfortable lounging around the last couple of days in my jammies snuggling with my giant cat. Would you want to leave this face?


I’m pretty confident the answer is no, no you would not.

I am a big believer in the “Treat yo-self” motto, hence why I often think its ok to make regular meals out of expensive cheeses and charcuterie. I deserve it right? Pot de Creme literally means “little pot of cream” so it’s definitely not something I make regularly, nevermind eat on a regular basis. So it really is a treat when I have it.

Traditional Pot de Creme is made with white sugar that you add to hot cream and whisk into egg yolks to think. Although I am typically a purist, I really wanted something a little different and brown sugar makes everything a bit better right? Well,  unfortunately when I cooked the brown sugar, rather than just letting it melt in the heavy cream, the flavor completely transformed into one of butterscotch rather than brown sugar. Although not what I was going for, the end result with a little work, turned out quite delicious.


This is my “it’s the first day back to work and I don’t wanna be there and all I have to look forward to all day is stuffing my face with this decadent dessert, dessert.” I hope you love it as much as I do!

Recipe: Butterscotch Pot de Creme


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